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How Much Work To Make Good Money Online ?

June 15, 2014 | Posted by


This is the second blog post in my Subscriber Question series, where I answer your questions using a blog post or a video. If you have a question about setting up an online business or making money online, you can type it in the comments box below or ask your question using the “Red” voice message tab located at the right side of the screen.

Today’s question was asked by Pravin Chavre on our Google+ page. If you haven’t circled me on Google plus, I request that you do. I am just starting to get a hang of Google plus networking as I am still stuck with Facebook. :) That’s just me. Anyway let me take you to Pravin’s question.

Google plus subscriber question
That was Pravin’s question. Good question Pravin and thank you for asking. Now let me try to answer the question.

So Pravin was simply asking

1) How Much Work To Do To Make Good Money Online ?

2) If I Can Do A Full Time Online Job ?

It’s A Business Rather Than A Job

First of all, instead of calling it a job, I would like to call it a Business. If we are working on a job, we work to get paid by someone else. And the money you can earn on a job is almost limited (because you are on a fixed pay, until you get a raise), but on a business it’s not. You have infinite potential on an online business because you fully own your business and the paddle is in your hands. Instead of working for someone, you are your own boss.

Now let’s get to the questions. I would like to start by answering Pravin’s second question first –

Can I Do A Full Time Online Business ?

Simple answer is – Yes, you can fully depend on your online business.

The only reason you don’t want to do a full time online business is because of the fear of risks. Like any business, there is risks involved in online business as well. But the risk is not in the form of investment or loss of money, as basically you only need to pay for your website and autoresponder. I already detailed this on my post on the two things you need to make money online. If you don’t yet have your domain and hosting setup, you can watch my step by step video tutorial for building a blog. Also there are many other tools which you may want to buy if you want to add additional functionalities to your blog or marketing.

Back to the point. Risks involved in an online business is not in the form of losing money, but in the form of failing to see success or working hard with not so good results. But the thing is that, these are risks involved in any business in general.

While you get a fixed salary each and every month on a job, you can’t expect that to happen on your online business initially. Initially you may need to work hard but not make any money at all. But this is just the same with any other brick and mortar business, you need to take time and work hard to set the business up and running. You may need to work hard without seeing immediate results.

Like I said earlier, these statistics apply not just to an internet business but to any business in general. So if you are on a tight budget, initially you may need to continue working on your day job, while setting up your online business part time. You may need to do that until you reach the point where you can fully depend on your online business for your income.

That answers your second question. Now let me go to the first question.

how much work to do to make money online

How Much Work To Do To Make Good Money Online ?

Generally speaking, if we look at making money online as an affiliate, the amount of work you need to do to make good money online depends on –

– Choosing the right niche
– Having the perfect selling system in place &
– Traffic method you are using

Choosing The Right Niche

This is the first thing that you need to look at when you set out to make money online. If you are entering in to a niche where there are no buyers then you won’t make any money. I’ll be showing you how to choose a money niche in my Online Income Startup System. If you aren’t yet subscribed, I welcome you to do so by subscribing to my list by entering your name and email in the boxes you see at the top or bottom of this post.

Perfect Selling System

The perfect selling system when it comes to your blog is about the right content with call to action leading to the product that you recommend. If you want to know about the kind of content that makes the sales, you can check out my blog post on how to make sales inside your blog.

Even if you choose the right niche, if you don’t have a perfect sales system in place in your blog, you simply you won’t make any money.

Traffic Method You Use

If you have the perfect low competition high demand niche and the perfect selling system in place in your website, then all you need to do is to drive enough traffic to your website to see sales. If you read my traffic generation strategies post for getting 1000 visitors, you know that majority of the online traffic is about getting a link to your website or blog from another high traffic website.

Each traffic method and the work it takes to get results from each differs. And there is no exact measure of the work as the time it takes to get maximum exposure to your link on their site differs.

If you are thinking about getting your site indexed on Google and receiving traffic using SEO, then it may take more time depending of the competition of the keyword you targeted and other on page factors. If you are thinking of getting traffic from YouTube for a low competition keyword, the results are almost immediate. It’s just a matter of publishing your video with the right call to action. And if the competition is low and your video is properly optimized for the keyword, your video will almost immediately rank and start receiving traffic. If it’s social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ or Piterest, there also you can expect to see traffic immediately or within just a few minutes to hours.

So the work needed to drive traffic to your site differs on each traffic sources. And more than that, just getting your link on their site is not enough. You needed to do some work to get more exposure to your link that’s in their website. So since there are lots of factors involved, it is almost impossible to give you an exact measure on how much work is needed to make good money online. But I would like to analyze my biggest earning to show you how much work is involved.

Analyzing My Biggest Earning

I recently shared a post where I published some of my online income checks and payment snaps. In the post I shared my earnings from 5 different income methods. Since there is no fixed number to define what can be termed as “Good Money”. Let me use my biggest earning of $11K in 7 days as an example.

If I look at how much work I did to make those $11,187 sales in 7 days, it was not just the work that I did that resulted in the income. There were lots of other factors that played to bring me that awesome result. So let me try to find out the factors that helped me see that result. I would like to call it, the factors that decide success.

Factors That Decide Success

1) Relationship With God – That’s the first and foremost factor for success. Some of you may think with raised eyebrows – God ? But the thing is that I have seen so many incidences that undoubtedly proved to me the existence of God. I believe in Jesus Christ, I have received healing multiple times at the name of Jesus alone. And I have seen diseases leave at the name of Jesus.

More than just the healing, I have seen many other miracles. Just for example, my biggest success of earning $11,187 commission from 7 days of sales happened as a result of an extraordinary experience with God. I will reveal that story in a different post. And after that encounter a major opportunity opened before me (God mostly brings you success in the form of ideas and opportunities). I wouldn’t have seen the opportunity or jumped on the opportunity if it wasn’t for God. This is true with not just that $11K in 7 days incidence, it was true with How I Made $100 To $350 Every Month With One Page Websites, or how I made couple of thousands offering a link finding service, which you can read here. Those are like opportunities that came knocking at my door. God helped me do the right things to achieve the right results.

Not only that, in the case of the $11k in 7 days, I was doing massive work that I have never done before and was not naturally possible for me, that resulted in that success. You’ll know, if you read my ebook on how I made $11,187 in 7 days.

To just give you a clue of what all I did to get that result, I was handling multiple roles and doing the work of a –

1. Content Writer
2. SEO Guy
3. Graphic Designer
4. Customer Support Guy
5. Programmer
6. Video Guy

If I think about what all tasks I did to make the sale happen –

1. I did the keyword research myself
2. I created HTML websites
3. I installed wordpress blog
4. I created sales graphics
5. I wrote content for websites and blogs
6. I wrote promotional articles
7. I did the article spinning
8. I built the back links (which involved a whole lot of other tasks)
9. I created and submitted youtube videos
10. I wrote and submitted press releases
11. I wrote followup email messages
12. I handled the customer support
13. I came up with the bonuses
14. I created the graphics for the bonuses
15. I created the broadcast emails
16. I watched the competition and changed offers to offer better bonuses

Those are just what I can remember, there must be many more that I can’t recall. But the thing is that, even if I did all of that, I wouldn’t have gotten the results if it wasn’t for the right content, the right seo techniques, the right graphics, the right emails and the right videos. How could I exactly know what to do about something I’ve never done before ? Simple answer is, Godly guidance. And to bring it all together and get those sales, is something that can only happen with Godly intervention. So the first and foremost factor to see success is to know God. If you don’t know your creator, I have a page in my one changed life blog, that will help you get started.

2. Knowing The Right Things To Do – If you don’t know the right things that make the sale, you will easily waste many years doing the wrong things. Fortunately for you, sites like mine are here to guide you in the right direction. At least I am trying my best to. :)

Another example – For many years I was simply focussed on earning money with Google Adsense until finally I realized that it’s not worth the time and effort. I was simply working hard to get those few cents from the clicks I received on my Google Adsense ads. I could have used the time for better works like blogging, making the big dollars using affiliate marketing, making money with my own products and services etc.

3. Doing The Things That Make The Sale – There is huge difference in knowing what to do and actually doing it. If you don’t really work on what you learned or know, you are not going to make any money.

4. Consistency – When it comes to your online business consistency is very important. You need to make it a habit to create fresh new content that drives traffic to your website. You can read my traffic generation strategies blog post to learn how to drive traffic to your website. I have simplified the traffic generation process there.

5. Focus – It is super essential to set your priorities right and focus on the right things that makes you money. Since there are so many technicalities involved in internet marketing, it’s so easy to get distracted or lose focus. You can avoid that by focussing on the most important things. Just for example creating and publishing content that drives sales is one of the key factors to focus on for making money online.

It would always be good to focus on finishing one thing at a time, or else your attention and work will have to be distributed among multiple tasks, thereby resulting in poor results. For many years I used to keep and manage multiple sites and tried to do it all, resulting is really bad results.

6. Purpose – Why do you want to make money ? Is it to spend on the newest gadgets or is it for a worthy reason? God won’t give you money until He knows you will be faithful with what He gives you. A million dollars in wrong hands can destroy that life.

[Tweet “A million dollars in wrong hands can destroy that life.”]

7. Goals – Set clear goals on what you need to achieve using your online business, note down your plans and work towards those goals step by step.

So a combination of all those factors decides your success. So it is difficult to predict how much work it takes to make good money online. But when it comes to something like blogging, you can start by publishing 2-3 blog posts every week. You can expect to start seeing results in 2-3 months I believe. But remember your focus shouldn’t be to work only till the end of those 2-3 months. You need to work day in and day out no matter what. You are building a business and the more time you spend on the things that build up your business, the better. A business dies when they stop producing their products. The same is true with making money online.

Let’s Compare Online & Offline Businesses

When it comes to your online business, you are the factory, the content you create are your products and your blog is your store house from where your products are distributed around the globe in the form of links on other sites. These other sites are the shops which sell your product. People come from far and near and land on your blog and buys. Thereby earning you money. Hope you like that comparison. I used that comparison because I always like to compare my pharmaceutical business with my online business and see how I can compare both.

[Tweet “Blogging – You are factory, your blog is your store & your content is your product.”]

So that’s my answer to this week’s subscriber question. If you have any questions feel free to post it in the comments box below or use the voice message tab to leave your question in audio form. If your question is selected, I will be doing a blog post or video answering your question.

Anyway… Hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, I hope you will post your comments below and generously use those share buttons to share with your friends and followers. God bless you…

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6 Responses to “How Much Work To Make Good Money Online ?”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Spencer,

    Wow, I’m exhausted just reading everything here. You know I think as a newbie I would be so overwhelmed by everything there is to do but as someone who has done this I’m looking back thinking about all the things I forgot that were involved.

    It’s like setting up a WordPress blog and not doing another one for years. I don’t remember everything I needed to do because it doesn’t stay fresh on my mind.

    I do know that so many people have a misconception about making money online and so many are looking at this like a job. For instance I think they are under the impression that you just sign up with a site, do a little work and then get paid well for that. They have no clue that this isn’t a job and if you don’t do the work and it does take a lot, you aren’t going to get paid.

    You really did well with responding to these questions Spencer and I hope those that asked them appreciated it as well.


    P.S. Okay, let’s test this baby out shall we! 😉

    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Thank you Adrienne for stopping by. Yes there’s lots involved in an online business and lots to do to easily distract us from the core tasks that build up our business. In the end it’s all about setting proper priorities and working with a tight focus.

    Yea let’s see if the test works. Thanks for helping me out with that one. Really appreciate that… :)

    Dr.Spencer Jones

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  2. Excellent post. Glad to stumble on your website.

    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Thank you Abeesh. Nice meeting you…

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  3. Mk says:

    What are the ways to monetize a hindi blog other than google adsense??

    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Monetization depends on your target audience. For some topics, the only best option can be google adsense, but for some topics where you can recommend products, affiliate marketing can be a good option. You can even create your own products like a hindi training course ebook/mp3 series or videos and sell it, if your audience are ready to pay for it.

    Hope it helps…

    Dr.Spencer Jones

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