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Web Video Marketing – A to Z

June 30, 2014 | Posted by


Hello Everyone, In today’s video blog post I am going to talk about video marketing. Even though I can’t claim myself to be an expert in video marketing, I do have many years of experience creating and publishing videos on various niches. So I am here to teach you what I know about video marketing.

Video is one of the best form of content, as videos are more engaging than plain text. We can engage with our audience on a more personal level using videos. Watching videos requires that your audience makes use of their two senses, vision and hearing, making it more engaging and attention grabbing.

More than all of that videos are steadily becoming one of the key source of traffic to online businesses. In today’s world, having your brand on YouTube is a must have for effectively establishing your presence online. So are you publishing videos yet ? If not, then this post will help you get started.

video marketing

What Is Video Marketing ?

Video marketing is all about driving traffic and making money with videos. It can either be a video hosted on your own website or a video hosted on an outside site like YouTube, that drives traffic back to your website and offers.

1) Video Hosted On Your Own Site – Simply to give away content or as sales content inside your website, to sell products in your website.

2) Video Hosted On Outside Sites – Published on outside sites, directing traffic back to your website and offers.

But unless it’s an exclusive sales page, where you are using the video as a sales material on your sales website, majority of web masters host their video on websites like YouTube and publish that video inside their website or blog. The advantage is that you can tap in to rich traffic that video publishing sites like YouTube receives and direct those audience back to your online brand or business website.

That’s what I am doing even here in this blog post. All the videos in this blog post are hosted on YouTube, at least for now. I don’t host my videos on my own server for my blog. But I might change that in future, if I find a better alternative that offers more advantages than the present setup.

Video Marketing Using YouTube

Like mentioned above, when talking about marketing using videos, youtube is what comes to mind. YouTube is just a content publishing platform, exclusively focussed on videos. YouTube is one of the best medium to get some immediate traffic from videos. As YouTube is the major player for video marketing and generating traffic from videos, we are going to focus on YouTube marketing here in this blog post.

How To Make Money With YouTube Videos

When talking about YouTube marketing, first we need to know how we can make money with YouTube videos. Do you know how to make money with YouTube ? If not, then I’ve already created a video for you detailing the 2 different ways through which we can make money using YouTube. One is by using the YouTube partnership program and the other is by using YouTube as a traffic medium. Please play the video below to know how.

What Kind Of Videos To Create ?

Now that you know how YouTube can make you money. You need to know what kind of videos to create when thinking about video marketing and making sales through your videos. I have a video that will shed some light on the best converting videos.

If you can focus on creating more such high converting videos focussed on your niche, you’ll have more probability of converting that video viewer to take action, visit your website or make a purchase, whatever the case may be.

How Many Videos Should You Create ?

So by creating more videos you’ll increase your chance of getting more visitors and making more sales. As each video you publish on YouTube is a seed that brings you back the harvest in the form of traffic. Now you might be thinking, how many videos you have to create. I also have a video that addresses that question.

Now that I addressed most of the immediate questions basic questions, let me take you through the insides of video marketing and show you how to actually create your very own videos.

How To Create Videos ?

So now you know how videos can make you money and what kind of videos to create to get more conversions and sales and how many of those videos you should create. Now let’s talk about video creation. There are various different kinds of videos which you can create. You can either –

1) Record Yourself Talking In Front Of A Camera (or)
2) Do Videos Using ScreenFlow (Mac) or Camtasia Studio (Windows)

My Favourite Video Editing Software

All of the videos I presently create are edited using either screen flow or camtasia studio. When I do the edits myself, I do it using ScreenFlow on my Mac. When I handover my audio recordings to my team to create videos using my audio, they edit the videos using Camtasia studio on windows PC.

So yes all of the videos in this post are of the 2nd type. Since these videos makes use of text, images and audio, I believe they are more attention grabbing because the text, image and audio combination simply pulls attention towards the content. If you are using a Mac computer, I highly recommend that you get ScreenFlow software for editing videos like the ones you see in this post. You can do pretty advanced editing using this cool piece of software. Even for editing on camera videos, screen flow is more than enough. Definitely well worth the money.

I created a video the other day showcasing a brief overview of what all things you can do with ScreenFlow. I highly recommend that you check out the video below to see what’s possible.

To get my special bonus ScreenFlow training videos, simply go to my IMMostWanted screenflow review and buy through my link there. Don’t forget to forward me your payment receipt to get your bonus.

On the other hand, if you are on a windows computer. The best option for you is Camtasia Studio. This software offers you nearly Screen Flow Kind of editing features. Like I said earlier, if I am not doing the editings myself, I pass on my audio recordings to my editing guy, who does the editings using Camtasia Studio. And I have a set of standards that my team follows for editing my videos, to make the videos similar to those done by me using ScreenFlow.

On the other hand, if you want to know how exactly we do our videos, and how exactly you can apply the same methods on both Mac and PC. I have created a free video detailing our video creation process. Click here to watch the video.

Tips On How To Create Professional Looking Videos

After you buy ScreenFlow (Mac) or Camtasia Studio (windows), the next thing is to create Good quality videos. I have a video detailing some tips to make your Screenflow and Camtasia videos look more professional.

YouTube SEO – How To Rank Your Videos High In Youtube

Now finally you need to get the videos that you created to rank high in YouTube search results. I have created a video detailing the basics of YouTube SEO and ranking high in YouTube search results. Follow these 10 tips and you will definitely have a higher chance of getting your videos to rank high in YouTube search results.

Resorurces Mentioned In This Post :


Camtasia Studio

My FREE Tutorial On Web Video Creation

That’s it for now. I am hoping to update this post with more information as and when I have them ready. But in the mean time I have a favor to ask you. If you loved this post or gained something useful from this post. Would you mind letting me know by typing your comments in the comments box below ? It will be really helpful for me. Thanks in advance for your comments…

I love replying your comments as much as reading them. God bless…

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2 Responses to “Web Video Marketing – A to Z”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Wow Spencer, that’s a lot of information you shared with us. Since I know the majority of what you shared here I did read the post but I only watched the last video. That’s a lot to absorb in such a short time but great job.

    I’m on a PC and I use Camtasia. I’ve been using it for years but I still don’t really do anything fancy with it. I could do more that’s for sure.

    Either way I know I don’t do enough videos myself because I think we all have our preference and mine happens to be the written word. I’ll do an occasional video to teach something or from time to time share a message.

    You’re right though, video rules and we all should be doing much more of them.


    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Hello Adrienne, No problem. Yes it’s indeed a lot of videos to watch. :)

    But thanks for taking the time to post your comment. Because you write lots of content, converting some in to videos can help you get some more visitors in addition to the huge fan base that you already have.

    You may not need to do it all yourself. This is something that can be easily outsourced.

    Thanks again for your comment Adrienne.

    Dr.Spencer Jones

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