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Is Online Income Real? Proof Inside

May 23, 2014 | Posted by


Earlier this week I did an in-depth blog post with a recorded step by step video, where I showed you how to create your own website.  And that post was a followup to my last week’s post about the two things you need to make money online. In that post I talked about doing an in-depth post about the different methods that helped me generate income online. I also included some photos and screenshots of the checks and payments I received. So here I am back with what I promised.

online income real proof

This post is going to remove the doubts of many newbies who are wondering if generating income online is indeed a reality. There are lots of surveys, typing jobs and all sorts of scams out there, which lead people to thinking that the word online business and making money online is all about this kind of scams. But with this blog post I am aiming to remove doubts from your mind by showing you real photos of checks and payments received from genuine online income generation methods like Google adsense, affiliate marketing, selling info products, selling pre created digital products, offering services etc. Right there I mentioned 5 different methods of making money online, but believe me there are many more workable methods of generating income online. Like there are many many business opportunities in the real world, so are there many opportunities in the online world as well. So with this blog post, I am hereby showing you some methods that helped me generate some income (eventhough not too big) online.

online income check

I am not an online business owner who used to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. So I plainly don’t have much of those type of payments to show you. These are the little little dollars which I earned in between my college education and in the midst of managing a real business. But if this little little checks and earnings can be earned part time, then you don’t need to doubt about the possibility of full time earnings.

Anyway, let me show you the methods and some of the checks made using each method.

P.S: I am not hiding my address in the checks, so feel free to send me a snail mail, if you wish to. But please don’t show up in front of my house saying you found my address on the web. You can do that if we know each other very well and if we talked over phone about your visit. Sorry for that, but I have to let you know before making my address public. That’s why. Hope you are not offended. 😉

Adsense Income

Adsense is an income source that can help you earn checks almost regularly. You can opt for Google adsense if you have a high traffic website or youtube channel. If you don’t know how adsense works, my video below will help you understand it more.

Eventhough I talk about putting adsense on free sites, if you are looking for a long lasting business that you fully own, I highly recommend that you pay some money and create your own website and put those ads in your website.

I did the video in 2011. :) I don’t feel so good about putting old videos in public as these videos look very unprofessional. I’ve made many of the old videos private, this is one of those videos that I’ve kept public. Anyway your videos aren’t going to look like an Apple Production video when you first start, but will only get better as you go on creating more and more videos. The same is true with blogging or whatever else you do. Anyway, more about videos on another blog post. Now let’s get back to our topic.

I would like to show you some of the adsense checks I received. I had a habit of taking photos of adsense checks, I was thinking someday it will be of use. And this is that day. Finally some of my check photos are getting the views they deserved.

My First Adsense Check (See The Date)

first adsense check

 That’s the very first adsense payment that I received. As you can see, It’s over 8 years now, when I was 22 years young. And this is the check which I received from adsense ad clicks on a free blogger blog (if I remember correctly) which I had back then. And the funny thing was that I was clicking my own ads from one internet cafe after another (ridiculous old adsense days). In the end Google found it out and banned my adsense account. Lesson learned. Later I was fortunate enough to be able to open another account later, which earned me a check every 2-3 months for a long time.

Some Of My Adsense Checks (After The Previous Account Was Banned)

google adsense check
monthly check from google
adsense income
adsense check

Now let me show you the Adsense check which I received last week.

Latest Adsense Check

2014 google adsense check

It’s been a long time since I got an adsense check. The last check I received was issued back in March 2012. But from 2007 to mid 2011, I used to receive adsense checks almost regularly. More on that on on another blog post. If you are subscribed to my list, you will get an update to the blog post. So, if you aren’t subscribed yet, I highly suggest that you subscribe here and get my free ebook.

Affiliate Earnings

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite form of earning. This is because the earnings are better than that of adsense. Also you will have better knowledge about the kind of earnings that can be generated using each affiliate marketing promotion. This is not possible with adsense as the earnings per click can vary and is almost unpredictable. For those that don’t know much about affiliate marketing, I am embedding a video below where I talk about what an affiliate program is and how to make money as an affiliate.

That’s another one of my old videos that I am not so happy to keep public, but since I am sharing some good info, I would like to keep in public. Anyway, after watching the video, please go to my post on how to make money selling other peoples products as an affiliate. If you have done understanding what affiliate marketing is, now let me show you some of my affiliate earnings –

Using Article Marketing

article marketing affiliate check

The above affiliate check was generated by promoting a natural herbal product from Native Remedies through a health niche squeeze page and an autoresponder system that did email marketing on my behalf. If you don’t know what a squeeze page is or how to create one, please go watch the videos in my blog post on List Building & Email Marketing. I was using article marketing back then and article marketing was working pretty good, earning some good pocket money back then. Like you see in the image above, I used to get those earnings via check, then later I opted for paypal payment and I started getting the payment via paypal, I am also including a paypal screen shot below.

affiliate commission

Using One Page Websites

affiliate earnings from niche site

 The above check was for a product which I promoted using simple one page websites. I’ve already shared an in-depth post on how I used to make money from one page websites. I also did a video detailing how the money was generated, I am including the video below for your convenience.

By Promoting Clickbank Products

Clickbank is the greatest digital products market place. You can find tones of digital products to promote at The benefit of digital products is that you get to earn a huge percentage of the product price as commissions, usually 50% to 75% of product price.


clickbank check

 Big Ticket Affiliate Earnings

Finally let me show you the proof of the biggest commissions I ever received for promoting digital product. I’ve written a special ebook revealing what exactly I did to make this big money. You can access the special free ebook by clicking here.

Click Here To Get My Special FREE EBook

Now let me show you the big commissions that I received. I have had a really great experience with my God which then resulted in me making these big dollars. I am hoping to share the story sometime in the future. :) Anyway here are the payment snaps from my paypal account.

big ticket affiliate commissions

Selling Own Digital Products

I have also created and sold products online, which helped me generate some revenue. Here is a screen shot of my paypal account. These $47 and $27 are for a membership which I launched. But unfortunately that membership didn’t last so long, as I was the one who fully managed the whole product creation which included releasing ebooks every month. Not to forget that this was amidst my college studies.

selling info products
earnings from info product sales

Packaging & Selling Resell Rights Products

Not only did I sell products that I created on my own, I also had experience packaging and selling resell rights products. This was 8 years ago. Back in 2006. Isn’t that awesome how your paypal account has all the history. :) For this reason, I love paypal….

selling resell rights products
resell rights income
resell rights product sales

You can get ebooks and softwares which you can resell for profits. So what I did back in 2006 was, I packaged a bunch of ebooks on Google adsense and packaged them in to an Insane Adsense Blowout Package. I would like to show you how the website looked. Since the website is no longer live anymore. I will have to search the internet archive sites. Let me see if I can get a snap.

Go click the image below to see the complete look of the site back then.

resell rights website

Offering Services

Directory Submission

Back in 2006 again, I offered a directory submission service to submit websites to online directories. I offered to manually submit websites to 100 or something website directories, which used to be very powerful for seo during those times. So let me show you what kind of sales I made back in 2006 in return for those services. I was selling the submission for a $15 package. So someone ordered double package, that’s why there is a $30 in the list below.

internet marketing services
earnings from directory submission

SEO – Finding Links

This was a service which I offered for an SEO company, which I accidentally met from an email I received. The client actually mailed me looking for advertising on one of my site. That simple email then turned in to business service opportunity – to find High Quality links which they can advertise on. This one single contact earned me hundreds of dollars for just a few hours work. I am hiding the client details for privacy reasons.

seo services
earnings selling seo services
Your Turn To Take Action

Did my checks and earnings screenshots inspire you to take action ? If so, I can guide you in the right direction. Like I said in my blog post, about the two things you need to make money online, all of the above earnings was made possible because I had two things ready. If you don’t yet have a website. I highly recommend that you take the initiative to register your website today itself. In my last blog post on How To Create A Blog In 7 Minutes, you can see myself paying for and registering a domain and webhosting account. You can also see how I installed a blog in my website with just a few clicks and then publish my very first blog post, all in just a few minutes. Please check out the video inside this post for a walkthrough step by step tutorial video.

So you read the post, enjoyed seeing my checks and online income snap shots. Now, I would like to read your comments about my post.

Are you ready to create your website and make money with it ? Please let me know by posting your comments in the comments box below.

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  1. Very inspirational post ! Got to see Adsense and Clickbank checks first time earned by an Indian.That gives a lot of motivation.Thanks a lot.

    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Thank you Tarun for your comment. I am also excited to share those checks and payments from all those years. I know many other Indians are making huge checks than these, but I could be one of the rarest few to share it publicly.

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