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How To Create A Blog In 7 Minutes – Easy Step By Step Tutorial

May 19, 2014 | Posted by


how to create a blog

In my last blog post, I talked about the two things you need to make money online. If you missed the post, I highly recommend that you read the post. In that post I talked about the two important things that anyone looking forward to generate significant income using their online business needs to have. One is webhosting and the other is an autoresponder. So in today’s blog post, I am going to show you step by step how to create your website, install a blog and also publish your first post in that blog all within 7 minutes. I have recorded myself registering a brand new domain name, setting up the webhosting for that domain, connecting them together, installing a wordpress blog and finally creating and publishing the first blog post inside that blog. So this video can act as an indepth walkthrough tutorial to help you setup your very first blog and take it live in just a few minutes. So go ahead and play the video below and try to create your blog along with the video. If you are on a slow connection, don’t worry as I am also including the instructions using just text and image. Hope you’ll love it.

Website Basics

A website consists of a domain or the name of the website and a web host, where the website files are stored. So we need to do both of that to finish a website setup.

So let me first show you how to setup your domain. I use name cheap for registering my domains and hostgator to host my site.

1. Register Your Domain Name

A domain name implies the name of your website like for example The domain name is the identity of you or your business on the internet. So it would be better to do some thinking when choosing your domain name.

Most people use their names for their personnel website. But if you have a specific purpose for your website, like expressing your expertise, interest, passion or if you intend to offer your help or service to the public, then choose a domain name that’s relative to your motive (that expresses your purpose well). Just for your example – is my domain, and it is about helping you startup your online income.

But you need to keep in mind that not all domains you think will be available, since internet is expanding day by day and people having their own websites are literally exploding day by day, it’s almost difficult to get popular terms. Anyway, the simple thing to remember is, the earlier you get your domain, better the chance of owning a good domain name.

Go To Namecheap


To register your domain, just click this link to go to Name Cheap by clicking the link here.

Search for domain

search for a domain

Once you are inside Name Cheap, simply search for the domain name in your mind. If the domain name you searched for is available, you can just go ahead and register the domain. In the process, you will be prompted to create an account.

Congratulations! Now that you have registered your own domain name, you are just two steps away from your very own website.

2. Sign up for a Web Hosting account

Now that you have your own domain name, you need to sign up for a web hosting account. Web hosting service provider provides the space to host your domain, so that your domain can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. A web hosting space is where all you websites contents will be stored.

I have had very bitter experience when I first started online, with a web hosting provider that never responded and then literally went away with my money.

So it’s necessary that you chose the best web hosting, since you are putting your trust entirely on the web hosting service. If anything happens to the servers (storage spaces) where your sites are stored, you will be in trouble. So always go for a reliable web hosting service provider that has the best reputation, with huge backup servers and offers 99.9% uptime (it’s the web host providers guarantee that your site will be online 99.9%)

Another important thing to look for when choosing a web hosting provider is their support. Always go for web hosting provider that offers the best support methods including live support. You need to go for help whenever you need any help with your web site.

That’s why I chosen the best web hosting for my website, that offers live support almost 24 hours a day and with 99.9% uptime. This is one of the best web hosting provider on the entire planet, hosting over 2.5 million domains all over the world. If you go with them, you are assured to get the best and feature rich hosting with cpanel that gives you ability to install blogs, forums, shopping carts, portals etc etc in your site with just one click. Those people owning those 2.5 million domains can’t be wrong. And that why I chose HostGator.

Click The HostGator Banner On Sidebar

So start by either clicking here, or by clicking the HostGator banner at the right hand sidebar of our blog. This will take you straight to HostGator.

Link To HostGator

Once you are inside HostGator site, click the View Web Hosting Plans button.

hostgator webhosting

Choose Hosting Package

hostgator baby hosting plan

Then chose the hosting package that you need. Let me give you a tip – It’ll be best to chose the Baby Plan, since you can host unlimited number of domains with that single hosting account, but you can’t do that with a hatchling plan, as you are allowed to host only one domain. If you want to expand your web presence further in future, this will help.

Place Your Order

hostgator order wizard

After clicking the “Order Now” button, you’ll be taken to the HostGator Order Wizard.

Note: Inside the order wizard, they will ask you whether you want to register a new domain or if you want to use your existing domain. Chose the “I already own a domain” option. Also you’ll be asked to select the package type, for which you need to select baby. And for the billing cycle, select 1 month. Then you’ll also need to create an account, eneter your payment details and select extra features etc, and finally create your account.

Account & Billing Information

account and billing

Just type your preferred username and securing pin number. Then fill out the billing information and select your mode of payment.

Use Coupon Code – onlineincomestartup

hostgator coupon code

There will be a field that will ask if you have a coupon code. Simply enter the coupon code – “onlineincomestartup” and click validate and you will get a $9.94 dicsount on your first month. That means you’ll get your first month hosting for just $0.01. Yes the cost for your first month of webhosting will be just 1 cent.

Agree The Terms & Create Account

create hostgator account

Finally agree the terms ad condistions by clicking on the check box and then click the “Create Account” button.

Connecting Domain & Hosting
Now that you have your domain name and web hosting account setup, the next step is to combine both so that the domain will work on the web host to display your site content when typing the domain name. To do that you need to check your email for a mail from host gator that contains your “Nameserver information”. You don’t need to know what a Nameserver is, let me show you what the nameserver information in the mail from hostgator will look like.

Open Mail From HostGator

hostgator account info

After your click the create button and pay for your hosting., you’ll receive a mail from hostgator, containing important information regarding your webhosting account. From the mail you need to copy down your 1st and 2nd nameserver information and paste it in namecheap domain name server fields for your domain.

Setup Domain Name Servers

setup domain name server

Log in to namecheap and go to the manage domains area. From there click your domain and you will see “Domain Name Server Setup” link on the left hand side. Click it and you’ll see the fields.

Copy & Paste Nameserver Details

enter nameserver details

In the above picture, you can see that I have copied the name server 1 & 2 information from the email to namecheap. Once you add the details, make sure you click the “save changes” button below.

3. Creating Your Blog

creating your blog

Now that you have your domain name and hosting all set up and configured. Now it’s time to try creating your own blog like my Online Income Startup blog.

Loginto Hosting Cpanel Using Details From HostGator Mail

hosting cpanel

Now once again open the email you received from Hostgator which contains your account details. Inside the email, click the link to your hosting Control Panel. Once opened, login using the username and password found in your email.

Install WordPress Using QuickInstall

install wordpress using quickinstall

Inside your webhosting control panel. Scroll down to find Software/Services section. You will find “QuickInstall” there, which we will be using to install the popular blogging platform called WordPress.

QuickInstall WordPress

quickinstall wordpress

Inside QuickInstall, click “WordPress” under “Blog Software”. Then follow the instructions on the screen to install wordpress. First click the continue button.

Enter Blog Details

enter blog details

In the next screen fill out the details you want for your blog and click “Install Now”

Finish Installation

finish wordpress installation

Once you click the “Insall Now” button you will be able to see progress bar. And once the installation is completed you will see 100% and the congratulations screen with the details of your wordpress login like you see in thes image above.

Loginto WordPress Dashboard

loginto wordpress dashboard

Now select the auto generated password which will be displayed in the screen and copy it. You need this password to login to your wordpress dashboard. Once copied, click the admin area link above and login with your username and the password.

4. Making Your First Blog Post

making your first blog post

Once you logged in to your wordpress dashboard, click “Add New” under “Posts” to make a new blog post.

Create Your First Blog Post & Publish

publish your first blog post

Once inside the “Add New Post” area, simply type the title and content of that post. Once done, click the “Publish” button to publish your first post on the web.

View Post

view blog post

Once your post is published, you’ll see a notification saying “Post Published”, with a link to “View Post”. Click the link and you’ll be take to the blog post you just published.

That’s Your First Post

first blog post

Finally your post is published and live on the web. You can copy the link and send it to any of your friends, anywhere in the world and they will be able to read your post. Awesome right ?

Resources Mentioned In This Post



HostGator Discount Coupon Code – “onlineincomestartup”

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