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Blog Promotion & Traffic Generation Strategies For 1000 Visitors/Day

May 10, 2014 | Posted by


Hello Everyone, Like I said in my previous blog post, where I talked about my plans on how to earn $2500 per month, here I am back with my post on blog promotion and traffic generation strategies to get 1000 visitors per day in 90 days. These methods can not just be used to get traffic to my blog, but can also be used to drive traffic to any blog as well.

traffic generation

Before we get to the strategies, do you know how exactly you get visitors to your blog ?

How Do You Get Visitors To Your Blog ?

In a broad sense you can only get visitors to your blog in two different ways. And these are those two ways –

1) Traffic From Sharing Online
2) Traffic From Sharing Offline

All your website traffic will fall under any one of those two ways. Whatever mode of traffic you get through the online medium comes as a result of you or someone else sharing or mentioning your blog online. And every other form of sharing, outside the online world can be grouped in the offline traffic category.

Now lets see how we can get traffic from online as well as the offline shares.

1) Online Traffic

When it comes to online traffic generation, all the traffic you get on the internet are generated either via –

a) A link (or mention) to your blog from another website (or)
b) Someone sharing your blog via email

Let’s see how I can monetize both methods of online traffic generation, to get visitors to my blog.

A) A Link To Your Blog From Another Website

a link to your blog

This constitutes majority of the traffic generation methods available right now. Whether it be SEO traffic from Google, traffic from YouTube, traffic from a link placed inside a document file that’s online, all these forms of traffic comes under “A Link To Your Blog From Another Website”. So let’s see some effective and doable forms of linking that can gain traffic to my blog. Every relevant high traffic website type can be a good source of this type of traffic.

Last year I did a blog post on how to drive traffic to your website, where I showed you how to repurpose one piece of content in to different formats so as to get traffic from different types of websites. I also have a video there about 5 free and easy ways to drive traffic to your website. All the sites I mention in that blog post fall under the category of “A Link To Your Blog From Another Website”. So I highly recommend that you read the blog post.

Considering all the facts, I can only list out websites I know and believe I can use to generate traffic to my blog. So if you know of any additional technique that falls under this type of traffic, please let me know by posting it in the comment box below. It will be of help to everyone. Anyway, if I am to mention all the traffic forms I can use to generate 1000 visitors per day to my blog, they will include the following –

Each of these sites/strategies mentioned below are in itself a topic for a full length blog post or tutorial. But that’s not the focus of this blog post, that’s why I am just mentioning the sites/strategies.

First of all, I sure can use the 5 free traffic sources I mentioned in my blog post on how to drive traffic to your website. So those 5 traffic sources include –

– Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)
– YouTube videos
– Forum Posting
– Blog commenting
– Slideshare

Methods To Monetize Other High Traffic Blogs

– Guest Blogging
– Link Bait
– Link Roundups

Communities That Share Blogs

– Blogging Communities
– Justretweet & Triberr

Other Power Strategies

– Press Releases
– Podcasting
– Interviewing Experts
– Starting A Discussion Forum Inside My Site

There are more strategies which I am hoping to find in the coming days. Anyway the basic theory behind this type of linking is to get published or mentioned in a high traffic website that has the potential to drive lots of traffic back to my blog.

B) Someone Sharing Your Blog Via Email

Other than getting traffic from a link or mention on another website, the next biggest form of traffic comes from emails, this is the reason why email marketing is still one of the key tactics to build up your business online.

Email still carries a lot of value. If my blog can be shared by my visitors to their friends via email, it would result in a lot of visitors. This is because you are almost guaranteed to open a mail from a friend, it’s all about relationships.

What I can do to make use of this type of traffic is to –

– Contact List Owners (to mention one of my blog post in their mailings)
– Setup email share buttons to encourage people to share my post via email (Tell A Friend)

Not sure what else, will wait for any ideas from God.

Paid Advertising

Facebook ads
Youtube ads
Banner Ads On High Traffic Blogs
Solo mailings

Extra Online Methods

In addition to all the above traffic generation methods, I can also try to create more buzz to my blog by –

– Doing competitions
– Offering valuable freebies

All that in return for social sharing, commenting, mentioning etc, which can be a great way to drive tones of traffic back to my blog.

That’s it, we are done with traffic from online sharing. Now let’s jump to traffic from offline sharing.

2) Offline Traffic

Other than the traffic that comes from mentions and links inside the web. To take your blog to the next level, you can tap in to different forms of offline advertising. Since I have some experience doing offline advertising (for promoting the products manufacture in our pharmacy), this can be of some help as well. I am not sure about up to what extend I can use offline traffic, but anyway I would like to look at whatever options I have to end up with 1000 visitors per day by the end of 90 days.

Some of the effective forms of offline traffic generation may include –

– Print and distribute business cards promoting your blog
– Conducting blogger meetups
– Distributing flyers
– Stickers

Costly Strategies –

– Newspaper advertising (costs money)
– Hoardings (costs money)
– TV & Radio advertising (costs money)

So there you go. That’s a fully in-depth traffic generation list of to-do things that you and I, both can work out for a very long time. 😉 I can’t tell how many of these I will use. All up to God who has it all under control.

I am hoping to write more blog posts about new traffic strategies as and when I find it. Also I’ll let you know what traffic strategies I test and try from the list above, what results I get etc. All of that for another interesting blog post.

please comment

So you have reached the final paragraph of this post. So, since you took the time to read this blog post till the end, it simply means that it was a good post. If you agree, would you do something in return for all the free information I passed on to you ? I am not asking for too much. All I ask is, would you post your comment below and let me know that you enjoyed the post ? And if you would like to do some extra, would you click those social buttons you see just below this post and share this post with your friends on twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc ? It’s because the number of comments and shares I get really shows how many people really do care.

If you do, I assure you that the favor will come back to you in some way. I appreciate you for doing the little you can. Thank you & God bless…

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Facebook comments:

7 Responses to “Blog Promotion & Traffic Generation Strategies For 1000 Visitors/Day”

  1. The no1 traffic (free) generating method for is social media sharing and commenting on high traffic blogs

    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Hello Constance, I made an update post regarding my traffic stats. There you can view my #1 traffic sources. Here is the link – Traffic Update & Action Plan For The Month.

    As per the stats, these are my top traffic source is an Indian blogging community. Then a discussion forum. Then after that I am getting some traffic from Facebook & Twitter. Let’s see how it improves in the coming days.

    Dr.Spencer Jones

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  2. Suvin MV says:

    Social media is my main traffic source. I have to try forums.

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  3. Adrienne says:

    Hey Spencer,

    Well I enjoyed this post and what you had to share. I hope that your methods are working since this is already over 30 days into your 90 day strategies.

    I know that I don’t repurpose my posts enough but I did finally start using SlideShare. I’ve only had a few clicks but I view them as more then I did before I posted them there right! 😉

    I would love to find some good forums that discuss blogging so if you have any to share I would love to hear about them. Just to get myself out in front of more people although I’m sure that in those types of forums there is plenty of advice being given.

    I have no doubt though knowing you like I do that you’ll meet this challenge and have tremendous success. You’re just that kind of guy so I wish you the very best.

    Great share Spencer and I’m rooting for you! 😉


    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Thank you Adrienne for the encouraging words.

    Yes it’s already past 30 days and I still have a long way to go. Out of the strategies mentioned above only tried YouTube, Blogging communities, social sites and a really small amount of blog commenting. But I am learning and my traffic is improving each day, so hopefully by the end of 90 days. :)

    Regarding the forums, warriorforum is the only one I tried.

    Let’s wait and see…
    Dr.Spencer Jones

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  4. Hi Spencer,

    Nice link building strategies. I landed up on your blog from BizSugar, the “1000 visitors within 90 days” is what attracted me the most.

    I haven’t yet started utilizing all the resources to its full strength but I guess, if all the resources you mentioned in this article like YouTube videos, Slideshare are used here, it’s definitely possible to reach the 1000 visitors a day mark.

    BTW, I loved the way you create the titles for your articles. :)


    Dr.Spencer Jones Reply:

    Hello Mainak, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for letting me know about BizSugar, I am not sure how my post landed there. I don’t remember sharing my post there, may be someone else shared ?

    Yes definitely I believe these strategies can help you hit 1000 mark. Let’s wait and see how I finish it. :)

    Thanks again…

    Dr.Spencer Jones

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