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About Me


I am Dr.Spencer Jones from Trivandrum, a city located at the southern part of the south Indian state called Kerala. I am a graduate in Siddha Medicine, an alternative Indian medical system. Business is where my high calling is. That’s why I am in business even outside the online world. I have a real business to manage, as Director of our Siddha medicine manufacturing unit (pharmacy). So whether it be online or offline, business is where my interest is. Only thing that I lack is a degree in business.

Now let me walk you through the real story of how was born. An idea for this website budded in me way back in 2006 when I registered the domain, but because of lack of focus and a lot of distractions, the site didn’t reach anywhere for many years. My entry in to the world of online business started way back in 2002 when I bought my very first computer to make money online. I was 18 years old when I entered online business. Since then I was learning and acquiring lots of information on building a business on the internet. I tried many things before understanding the core working concept of generating income online. Let me give you a brief overview of all the roads that I crossed, on my journey towards online riches.

If I remember correctly, it started in early 2001 after I started using internet for the very first time from an internet cafe. While browsing through the internet, I stumbled across opportunities that promised to help generate income online. I was fascinated by that idea and started doing more research. Soon after that, in 2002 my father bought me my very own Compaq desktop computer.

If I am right, in the early days I started getting interested in websites offering typing jobs. So I paid a site that said they offer data entry and typing jobs when I pay the registration fees. So I paid the registration fee to find the truth that referring others and making others pay the registration fee was the real job. I had to make people join by placing ads in chat rooms, forums etc. That’s what the typing job was, and the funny part was that some of those sites used to say that the one’s who don’t make any money are the ones who slept the most. I still remember that, because I believed it back then. :) Anyway I didn’t lose much as I managed to make 3 or 4 times the registration fee I paid, working some sleepless nights ofcourse. Heard the saying – “Experience is the best teacher”? I found that it’s true. After getting the taste of typing jobs, I knew what majority of those typing jobs really are.

Then I came to know about another opportunity – Paid To Read (PTR) Emails & Paid To Click (PTC) (I am not sure if I tried paid to read’s first or the typing jobs, or both at the same time). Paid to read emails was the big buzz during the 2002 times, so I jumped in, ending up clicking emails and banners for hours in return for pennies, after I have had enough, I started selling in, the then There, I used to sell ebooks and did succeed in making some money, then came the resell and plr (private label rights) age where I packaged resell rights and plr (private label rights) stuffs and sold it on my own website and earned some money, then I used to do forum marketing and made money as an affiliate, thereby getting started in affiliate marketing. Then I made money by offering online services (writing articles, website design, seo directory submissions), then I made money by launching my own product (a membership site), then there were those days when I had a team of writers that wrote articles for me, which I sold and made some money, then I started doing article marketing which in-turn brought me some traffic and affiliate commissions (not that big), then I made some good monthly affiliate commissions by taking action on a google hot trends keyword, then came 2010 when I promoted big commission product launches to make the biggest affiliate commissions I ever earned, then came the time when I found high quality blog links to an SEO company in return for a few thousand dollars, then I used to make a couple of hundreds every now and then by accepting advertisements in my blogs, not to mention, all the while I used to make income from those (not so big) adsense checks and the occasional income opportunities that used to show up in between. Lots of then’s right. Anyway to get your excitement level up, I have published a blog post with few of my online income checks and payments snapshots.

From all the roads I traveled and from all the ways that made me money which I mentioned above, don’t you think I have a thing or two to share, which can help you make money online ? I guess you do. :)

Anyway don’t misunderstand that I am some rich internet marketer making thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every month. No, if you are thinking that way, let me correct you straight away. I am not and I still have a long way to go and lot to learn to reach there. But I do have lot of experience and knowledge on what works and what not, so I sure can help you avoid the wrong roads right away. From my years of experience I can teach you many things that can help you on your journey to setting up, running and profiting from your online business. That’s what I am here for.

For many years I’ve been wishing to help people with what I have got. I want to use the talents God has given me, to change lives and help people get started with their income online. If you want to contact me, feel free to do so, I do love to hear from my readers. You can use the red voice message tab which you see on the right side of the screen to send me a voice message or you can use the contact form to simply have your text message delivered to my email. I would like to hear what you want to learn from me, your comments about my posts, videos etc, and more than that, I want to help you with your online business.

Anyway that’s all I have right now for the about me section. Will add more some other time…

Thank you for taking the time to read my story…

God Bless…

Dr.Spencer Jones

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Dr.Spencer Jones

Dr.Spencer Jones is the founder of Online Income Startup™. He loves to share from his 7 + years experience in setting up an online business and making money with it. And that's how he started writing this blog.

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